Buettner "A High Caliber Candidate'


It is with great honor that I write this letter on behalf of Judy Buettner, candidate for town council. I have known and worked with Judy for more than 25 years, starting here in local politics and civic efforts. You are indeed fortunate to have such a high caliber candidate she will serve you well.
Judy has always shown the true dimensions of leadership, commitment, fairness and, most of all, integrity. She had served in elected office by way as member of the Oronoco Township Board, Olmsted County, for more than 15 years. This was during a time when our county began its plans for the future and the very rapid growth that has followed in the past decade. She helped, by her service, to bring all voices to the table to help make this transition as productive as possible. She has always been a team player, with an understanding that there are diverse opinions on issues and all need to be heard.
I have always believed that to be truly effective, local government needs to be a partner with others, including state efforts, federal efforts and, in particular, local private efforts to achieve what citizens need to prosper in their local communities. We are, none of us, isolated from the events which swirl around us; we need to grasp opportunities when they arise.
I believe Judy Buettner's insights to the needs of local government will give you a tool to grasp those opportunities.
While living here, Judy was an instrumental player in the Republican party of Olmsted County and the state of Minnesota. As a committed citizen, she served in various capacities within our Republican party as well as local civic efforts. She was an important leader in what was termed the "Minnesota Massacre" of 1978, when the state elected a Republican governor and two Republican US Senators, quite an accomplishment for our state. Judy was an important part of that effort, being intensely involved during and after Governor Al Quie's election.
She also showed great leadership in our state legislative races, where Republicans have won all state house and senate races that represent our county, even though there have been spirited debate and dissension on certain issues. It shows that Judy can bring all views together to work for the "common good."
I have served in local government for almost 8 years, and can tell you from experience, that when the tension is on, you need someone who understands the needs and wants of the local citizens, what the tolerance of the citizenry is, and how to create partnerships to accomplish positive outcomes for your community, all while staying focused on the "big picture."
Judy Buettner is, and will continue to be, that kind of citizen. Your gain is indeed our loss; you will be well served.
Paul F. Wilson
Olmsted County Board of Commissioner

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