Cast Your Ballot For Payson's Best


We know. Your mind is already boggled by the vast diversity of mayoral and town-council candidates who are now in the process of shaking your hands, kissing your babies, promising a chicken in every pot, and vowing to forever alter life as we know it in Payson.

Which ones can you trust, and which ones should be thrown to the javelinas?

You don't need to wrestle with that conundrum for another three months. In the meantime, we have an easier and much more fun ballot for you to fill out, on page 4B in the very issue you are holding the Payson Roundup's annual Best of Payson ballot, wherein you cast your votes for everything and everyone you hold dearest in the Rim country.

Among them: your favorite restaurants, bars, shops, store clerks, grocery outlets, hardware emporiums, the people who serve you your favorite steak dinner.

Once you've completed your Best of Payson ballot, take another moment to clip out the nomination form for Man and Woman of the Year also in this issue.

Then, reflect on the people who have made the Rim country a better place to live during the past 12 months the ones who have truly made a difference. Maybe you'd like to honor the teacher who's gone the extra mile for your child; the person who heads up your favorite charity; the individual who can always be counted on when a community cause needs another volunteer.

Too often the wrong kind of people make the news. By selecting, recognizing and honoring the people and institutions which, during the course of 2001, had positive and lasting impacts on life in the Rim country, we can hopefully encourage more of the same.

But to make it valid, we need your input. Please take a few minutes to let us know who and what you think are worthy of being placed in the pantheon of Payson's best.

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