By Not Voting, You're Voting For Overlords


Servants or Lords, which do you want to elect?

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to start thinking about the next election.

This time, as the candidates speak to you in forums, debates, etc., it would behoove us to determine which will act as our servant doing what we want and which will act as your overlord, telling you what you want, once they are seated.

Several of the current council have made the statement "They (meaning you) elected us to make these decisions for them and do not want to be bothered." You say, "I didn't elect them; I didn't even vote."

That is exactly how they were elected.

I feel the lack of change in policy, no matter who was elected, has turned the voters off. The overlords do not realize how few of the citizens really put them in office. In the last election, only 2,891 people voted out of 8,197 registered. The overlords will tell you that it means there were 5,306 registered voters who were happy with the way the Town has been operating.

The servants see that as 5,306 people so disgusted and so disheartened they felt it was useless to vote. The servant candidate would like to serve those 5,306 voters. Which do you want? The servant candidate cannot serve you unless you get out and vote and put him in. By staying home, you automatically vote for the overlords.

On several occasions, we have seen where the council has changed its mind when enough of the people came out against what they were proposing. The Bed, Booze and Board Tax comes to mind, and there were others.

This next election is the time to show your support for those who want to serve you and give you what you want. Look for and vote for the servant who will listen to you and give you what you want, not for those who refuse to listen and will tell you what you need once they are seated. We will spend a couple of hours honoring those who fought, bled and died for our freedoms, yet we will not take those same number of hours to go out and exercise the most important freedom: voting.

Staying at home only assures them they are right about making your decisions for you. This time, send a message by voting.

Hoby Herron


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