'Harry Potter' Had Nothing To Do With Wicca



In response to "Get all the facts before praising Harry Potter," I must say that one indeed needs to have the facts before praising or defiling Harry Potter.

Let me briefly touch upon the true history of Wicca. Wicca is a federally recognized religion in the United States with tax exempt status since 1986. Wicca itself was created in the 1950s and came into the public eye after the Witchcraft Laws were repealed in England. This religion is only around 60 years old, however, it is based heavily on ancient pagan religions.

Now as to a quick overview of the practices of Wicca, it is a religion based on the natural cycles of the earth, such as the harvest season, winter and the equinoxes and solstices. Wiccans celebrate eight holidays that coincide with these cycles.

Harry Potter on the other hand has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Wicca. There is no breach of the separation of church and state, because Harry Potter is simply a beautiful secular fantasy, much like Lord of the Rings.

I read another letter to the editor where one of the children who watched the movie even states, "magic isn't real." The children know the difference between reality and a fantasy. The wonderful part about Harry Potter is that the story is a triumph of good over evil, it also causes children and adults to read.

Deedra Jackson


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