Water Therapy Makes Recovery Easier


If someone told you they were swimming in an "endless pool," you would probably envision the ocean.

However, there isn't an ocean in Payson, but there is an Endless Pool. And, for those who are using it, the healing powers are proving to be endless.

It was Scott Nossek's dream to have his own therapy pool at Payson Physical Therapy. That dream was realized in November after he moved his company into its new facility on Highway 260.

Gone are the days of meeting a patient at a local motel swimming pool for therapy. Nossek, along with therapists Jared Tenney and Mike Crossman, can now enjoy the luxury of an indoor heated pool at their facility.

Nossek has a stainless steel pool which measures 8-feet wide by 15-feet long. It has multiple depths of three, four and five feet.

The feature that makes it "endless" is the current generator which ultimately allows you to swim in place.

"It's a water treadmill," Tenney said.

Nossek said there isn't anyone who couldn't benefit from pool exercise.

"It takes compression off your joints," Nossek said. "For example, someone with a spinal cord injury can get in the pool and move their body in ways they can't move on land."

Tenney said the benefits for a person who has suffered any type of leg injury from the knee, ankle to hip are remarkable in terms of the recovery time.

"Pool therapy cuts the rehabilitation time down," Tenney said. "In the pool you can run and jump days, weeks, months before on land."

This, Tenney said, is beneficial to the athlete with a leg injury who wants to shorten the recovery time.

Additionally Tenney said those who suffer from diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia who can't tolerate land-based exercise, will see their exercise program decrease in intensity. However, there will be an increase in the duration of exercise for improved circulation.

Such is the case for toddler Liam Ingram who was born premature with his left side weaker than his right.

"With one-half of his body weaker than the other, it makes walking and running a challenge for him," Tenney said. "With the pool therapy, his strength and coordination with improve faster than with ground therapy."

Liam's mother, Carrie, agrees.

"This is his fourth time in the pool and each time I can see him using more of his left arm," Carrie said.

Nossek has brought Kelsey Mercer, aquatic exercise specialist, on staff to oversee the aquatic fitness program for Payson Physical Therapy.

Mercer will be working full-time with patients in the pool. She has a bachelors degree in exercise science and more than five years of experience with aquatic exercise.

Payson Physical Therapy is located at 903 E. Highway 260, Suite 1. For information about how the Endless Pool can help you, call 474-0429.

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