Payson Doesn't Need Smooth Talkers



The reason most people don't vote is because they are tired of experienced politicians "in their face" with all the false promises they make before election. This is done to get their vote. After the election, those experienced politicians know very well how to avoid all the promises they never intended to keep and they get on with their own agenda.

How many of us watched one of our council members give a wonderful talk about what the people want concerning an issue, only to have that council member vote against the very issue he promoted on his "wonderful talk" on what the people want.

Experience in doing that is not what the town of Payson needs. I want someone who is honest, trustworthy and reliable ... a person who will do what they promote, not some experienced political who has learned through the years how they can lie to people, and maybe not get caught until it's too late.

Payson does not need the smooth-talking leader who will do to the town government what the last smooth-talking director did to the chamber of commerce before that leader left town.

Why aren't the public comments heard by the council until everyone is tired, worn down, have lost their interest or decided because of the late hour they had to go home? Experienced council members voted on this. I get the feeling they are not wanting to hear what the town has to say.

Is this who we want as council members? If they are not politically experienced, most likely they would not have the thoughts of this scheme.

I, for one, want a change in the way our council is running the town government. I am looking for someone who will consider what is good for the town of Payson, not for the experienced politician's name or their pocket. As taxpayers, let us look at what is ahead of us with the existing practices of this town council. Some candidates need to re-examine their motives for running. Learn who the real candidate is. Learn at what they are experienced at doing. If it is not making decisions that will benefit the people of Payson, don't vote for them.

Cindy Berens

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