Paysonites Helped Pamper Pets



An open letter to the people of Rim country:

They say that St. Francis of Assisi's the patron saint for the animals. We at the Payson Humane Society Shelter know that after the flood of gifts you, the people of Rim country, have brought in for the animals this holiday that St. Francis must have come from Rim country.

Thanks to the Roundup and KMOG, who did everything they could to tell you people about the needs of our abandoned animals. Then you took command of the situation. As the Santas of the Payson area, you answered the call.

The Shelter has received more than 1,600 pounds of dry dog food, 750 pounds of dry cat food, 930 cans of dog food, 320 cans of cat food, some 120 cat and dog toys, 115 pounds of dog and cat snacks and filled almost three 65-gallon trash containers with blankets, rugs and towels.

On top of providing for the animals forced to live at the shelter, you adopted more than 17 animals the week before Christmas. This high adoption rate enabled the shelter to give to abandoned pets what they wanted most a home.

Rim country people and the media of Payson, thank you for remembering the defenseless animals. You not only care about others, you proved it.

The Payson Humane Society

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