Teaching Tolerance To The Intolerant



In the Friday, Jan. 4, 2002, Opinion section, Larry Brophy equated Biblical Christianity with the Taliban. I am going to attempt to correct some of the misinformation saturating his letter to the editor.

To loosely paraphrase a section of my previous letter, to compare those concerned with the way our society is heading (Christians) with those who would kill people who disagree with them (Taliban) is inexcusable.

How is it that some people can lambaste a particular religious viewpoint as intolerant and expect us to be tolerant of their beliefs? Biblical Christianity is under attack in this day and age, and seems to be the only viewpoint that is not accepted. We believe in a final authority and a truth that is beyond what we can manipulate with our mind or philosophy. You call Dave Waterman and others "Taliban" yet you preach tolerance. You have exemplified a true definition of intolerance, being unable to accept that someone has a different belief than you on an issue.

When you do something you preach against, this is referred to as hypocrisy.

Now, on to your misinformation. You say that Jesus' entire message is "Love of God and our fellow man." Did you know that Jesus spoke more than anybody else in the Bible on the consequences of living a sinful life? He had some other things to say as well (do you remember his intolerance of the religious leaders of his day?)

Of course we should love God and our neighbor, but that's not all. Pick up your New Testament and take a read.

You asked, "who among us has the divine imperative that gives us the right to condemn ... others." Nobody has that right, with the exception of God. However, we do have the Word of God, and he deals with all of these issues and more.

By the way, the Word of God is our final authority.

I'm not saying that these are issues that our government should deal with (the Taliban did), I'm just wanting to reserve my spot on the 1st Amendment, the right to free speech. If you disagree with me, I'm listening, speak away.

Jason Burton


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