Big Brother In Payson?



I recently went into the (local bank) to cash my weekly payroll check as I have done every week for the past five years. I was asked to show my drivers license for a picture ID. I said "No, my drivers license is not a national identification card. All the information you need is on my bank card which I gave you." Then came all the platitudes.

"It's to protect your bank account."

"Anyone could have picked up your bank card."

"If it is a cash transaction, you must show your drivers license."

"It was an upper management decision."

"I'm only doing my job."

The next week, I asked to speak to the branch manager. I received the same platitudes from her almost word for word and she was sorry I felt this was an invasion of my privacy.

Am I wrong? Is a drivers license in reality a national ID card? Can the bank demand to see it for their own convenience?

Perhaps soon, we will all be like the animals at the local Humane Society. A chip will be slipped under our skin and then all our movements can be tracked and the bank will know all they need to know about us. Then we can go draw our own money out of the bank without any harassment.

The thought scares me to death! How about you?

Jane Millgen

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