One Sees Beauty; Another Sees Garbage



We find it amazing how two different people can see the same thing totally differently.

"Anonymous" wrote how she was on her way home from the cemetery, wondering how she could handle another holiday after the recent loss of her mother and when she saw the decorated tree south of Payson, it gave her hope.

Mr. Depert of Pine saw the same tree as leftover Christmas trash, wondering who would be responsible for removing the decorations? The Highway Department at taxpayer's expense?

We would like to respond by saying our 82-year-old mother was insistent from the beginning that the decorations be secured with twist ties so the wind would not blow them off to litter the landscape.

She was also insistent that after New Year's she be driven back to the tree and assist in removing the decorations. Unfortunately a couple of days before we planned to do this, she received a phone call notifying her of death in the family and we took her to a funeral instead, so the decorations were removed a few days later.

We wonder if Mr. Depert is as concerned about the beer cans and all the trash along the highways as he was about the tree, still decorated a few days after New Year's? We wonder if he has ever stopped and cleaned along the highway as we have seen our mother do numerous times throughout her life?

Bruce Jennings and

Carol La Valley (Jean's kids)

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