For Brimhall, 8 Is Too Much


Rep. Debra Brimhall has done it again.

Last week, the District 4 legislator introduced a bill in the State Legislature that would place term limits on firefighters, police officers, teachers, park rangers, newspaper writers and others. It's her way of protesting the fact that she can only serve in the legislature for eight years under the term limits approved by 74 percent of the voters in 1992.

Add this latest lunacy to the growing list of Brimhall goofs and gaffes, and it's not hard to see why she was recently honored as the state's most inept legislator by The Arizona Republic.

Remember ...

How Brimhall backed a bill to keep unmarried couples from receiving health benefits from city and county governments? And then used the issue to express her narrowminded views about homosexuality going "against the Divine."

How Brimhall was one of the first legislators to take advantage of the alternative-fuel fiasco? And how she refused to back down even after fellow Rep. Jake Flake and most of the other legislators who got heavily rebated vehicles had recanted?

When the Roundup asked Flake about his participation in the alt fuels debacle, he simply said, "I'm embarrassed." When Brimhall was asked the same question, she accused the media of "playing games with people's minds."

That's probably why reporters made her list for term limits. While it's an honor to be placed in the same category as firefighters and police officers, this is one list that should never have been made.

While Brimhall has made some positive contributions to our community, including support for the new library fundraising effort, lobbying for the new EAC-Payson campus and assisting with airport land acquisition, she is increasingly an embarrassment to the area.

Maybe the time has come to create a new list of politicians who need to step down for the good of their constituents.

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