Rules Of The Road Apply To Children, Too



I figured it was time for something new to talk about.

Since I moved here over 12 years ago, I have noticed that our young citizens of Payson mostly of high school age are of good families and good character but, they don't seem to follow the laws of the road.

What I have seen is the disregard of our traffic laws. They walk down the middle of the road in a fashion of they don't care or you should get out of their way.

When I was young, you walked on the shoulder of the road facing traffic so not only could you see the oncoming traffic and the traffic could see you. Bicyclists in this town show the same disregard of the law. They come sailing down the hills on their bikes and when they come to a stop sign, they ignore it and go right through, not stopping and causing traffic to come to a screeching halt avoiding a near miss of the bicyclist.

A lot of our citizens are of retirement age and some, but not all, have slowed-down reactions and our young are putting themselves in great danger.

A 4,000-pound car or truck verses a young body is a no-win contest. The body loses most of the time and the heartfelt family loss goes on for a long time. I am asking our community to teach our young the rules of the road for they are for everyone not just the adults.

Dennis Bellemore

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