Ashamed Of The Grave Robbers



Our daughter is buried at Mountain Meadows Cemetery in Round Valley. We habitually take floral arrangements and decorations out there seasonally. Last year, about mid-January, when we went to remove the Christmas things, we found the fancy silk poinsettias we had left there had been taken. The plain ones mixed in with them were left, so I know the wind did not blow them away.

This fall, we found a little garden statuette of two cherubs with a gazing ball and placed it at our daughter's grave to go with other flowers. Yesterday, when we went to change the arrangements from a Christmas to Valentine theme, we found the statuette had been stolen, as well as another garden-type suncatcher in the shape of a butterfly. There was another statuette on a nearby grave we had noticed and it, too, was gone.

I feel like yelling and crying at the same time. I don't know if I'd be crying for myself or for the person who has so little self-respect, respect for others and integrity that they'd steal from a grave.

Joan Williams


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