A Few Facts Omitted From Pine Blasting Story



Re: "Blasting shakes up quiet neighborhood in Pine." Payson Roundup, June 25.

I wish I could convey in words the disappointment I felt when reading this article. Myndi (Brogdon) sat in on one of the meetings some concerned homeowners had, and apparently did not hear what was being said. People, who have invested a very large portion of their life in preparing for the future, were scared to the point of anger. Anger at the very notion that their investment and peace of mind could so ruthlessly be summed up with, "I have learned that you just have to let a lot of these complaints roll of your back."

Some facts brought out at that meeting are deserving of review, since Myndi chose not to reveal them. One, the land was traded without the surrounding property owners being notified (our name is on file with the county as the nearest landowner), but then the "letter of the law" is that notification could be published in any paper in the county, to include the Globe paper.

Two, there is no deal with any water company to put any "water tanks" anywhere on top of that mountain.

Three, there was one hearing as described, to subdivide the property into 1 1/4 acre lots, but all who have seen that property know that was a pipe dream from the start. There is no way to put dwellings on the property without a real sewer system.

Four, some quotes or information passed on at the meeting were not completely explained, in that the quote, "It is easier to apologize than to ask permission," was passed to me by a confidant of Payson Concrete to explain their method of doing business.

Five, with some investigation, a reporter could find out who is paying what taxes on which property and when they started paying, and at what rate. Our property taxes have gone up every year as a "residential" property.

Six, the blasting is not just a firecracker or two. Twenty thousand pounds of explosives were set off at one blast, which is more than the idiot used in Oklahoma City. No one may fire a pistol at the rock quarry, (which uses less than an ounce of powder) because it is less than a mile from my house, but it is OK to set off tons of explosives? If this is within the "letter of the law," it cannot be within the "spirit of the law."

Seven, the purchase of land Robert talks about is six months into zero action. My part is done, his is being held because? Facts are facts, and business is business.

John Wertin, Less than 500 meters from Ground Zero

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