We Need To Prevent The Closing Of The Tonto Natural Bridge



Today I am asking everyone in the state of Arizona and especially in Gila County for your strong input toward preventing the closure of the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Nov. 1, 2002.

In 1897, my relatives, the Goodfellows and their three children, came all the way from Scotland to homestead, preserve, build trails under the bridge, plant alfalfa, corn, gardens, flowers, fruit trees, a beautiful lodge and swimming pool. The three miles of road from the Pine highway was built by hand picks, shovels and wheelbarrows.

Words cannot describe the magnificent beauty of the natural arch, only the railings and trails are man-made. Pine Creek, the waterfalls, the two springs, wild flowers, ferns, shrubs, rock formations, the serenity and sacredness was built by the hand of our Lord. It is a hallowed spot and the treasure of Gila County.

Please write and call our public officials, town of Payson, Gila County and state of Arizona, as soon as possible.

Anna Mae Deming, Payson

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