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Q: What is that structure that was just built on the northeast corner of Highway 87 and Tyler Parkway? It looks like a bus stop.

A: Don't bother waiting for a bus to come. It's more of a rest stop for walkers, says Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Engineering Specialist David Gerlach.

"The idea was when people are walking around, it gives them a nice place to sit and rest out of the sun," Gerlach said. ADOT recently extended the sidewalk on the east side of Highway 87 to Houston Mesa Road.

Q: I see Jireh House mentioned in newspapers and flyers around town, and I've heard it's a nonprofit organization. What is it, how does it benefit the community and where does the money from those craft shows go?

A: Dean Schlosser, president of House of Jireh, said it's a non-profit ministry and community service agency whose mission is to provide support to "people in crisis." Services and programs offered include a 24-hour crisis helpline (472-7892), case management, prayer breakfasts, media and newsletter campaigns, Bible studies, seminars, prophecy and evangelistic conferences, marriage retreats, divorce recovery classes, newcomer clubs, and internet ministries.

Fund raisers are used to support the ministry and "other ventures on a non-denominational basis." The word "Jireh," incidentally, comes from the biblical phrase "Jehovah Jireh," which means "God will provide."

For more information, can be reached at 472-7044.

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