Rescued Pets Must Be Claimed By Saturday


Attention Heber-Overgaard evacuees: If your dog is being cared for at the Payson Off-Leash Dog Park, it must be picked up by 8 p.m. Saturday, July 6.

"People need to pick up their dogs by then, or make other arrangements for them, because those remaining after that will be moved to the Payson Humane Society," said Vivian Taylor, president of Paws in the Park, the group of area dog owners which created and monitors the facility.

Once at the Payson Humane Society, said manager Diane Fitzpatrick, the dogs will be kept for 72 hours "unless we hear from the owners and other arrangements are made."

Dog owners who wish to make such arrangements should call the Payson Humane Society at (928) 474-5590.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were about two dozen Heber-Overgaard dogs still in the park, "But we have their owners' names and numbers, so we'll call them and see if we can reunite them with their dogs. So far, no one has called and asked about these dogs."

A number of other canines along with one pig and one bird were fostered out to various homes in the area. "All of those may have been picked up by their owners and we just don't know it yet. We have a lot of calling to do. Every effort will be made to find the owners."

There are, however, two dogs still in the park without registered owners.

One stray, a collie mix, was found in Star Valley Monday, July 1, without a collar. "It could be a local dog, or a dog who worked its way in this direction to escape the fire. We don't know," Taylor said.

Another dog, a rottweiler, was rescued June 24 in Heber following the evacuation, but the owner's name and address has since been lost. "We think we know where to take it back to, and we won't give up on it until we've made an effort to find the owners. He's obviously a pet. He's very well-trained."

For more information on evacuated dogs in the Payson Off-Leash Dog Park, speak to one of the park monitors now on duty 24 hours each day, or call Vivian Taylor at 474-1386.

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