Actions Speak Louder Than Words



Well, it didn't take long for the enviro-loonies to step out of the (blackened) woodwork and blame President Bush for everything from the condition of the forests to their junk-science kingpin, global warming.

Since George Bush was the governor of Texas for most of the last decade instead of the President of the United States, I guess we have under-estimated the power of the Texas governorship, which, according to the enviro-Nazis, usurped the power of their favorite "environmentalist" Bill Clinton, and his tree-hugging sidekick, Al Gore.

If one wants to learn who REALLY is concerned with the displaced and drought-suffering wildlife, just check out who has been donating money to feed and water the wildlife in Arizona. According to the Payson Roundup, it's the hunters' and sportsmen's associations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Conspicuously absent are groups like the Sierra Club and the Center for Biodiversity. So far the hunting organizations, against whom the enviro-wackos rage, have raised more than $65,000 for the wild animals stressed by drought and fire.

So who really steps up to the plate to help, and who sits in their big-city homes spewing forth rat-hugging rhetoric and filing anti-logging lawsuits?

Obviously, calling oneself an environmentalist concerned with the welfare of wildlife is quite different from actually being one.

Mark and Tina Terry, Payson

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