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Q: I was at the first concert under the stars. It was a beautiful night with great music. It was a wonderful evening except for one thing the grass was absolutely sopping wet. Why?

A: "It was a glitch," Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind said. Bill Schwind, town parks director. "We've got an electronic sprinkler system that basically irrigates the amphitheater area twice over the course of an evening. We do it that way because of the slope of the amphitheater area. If we just left the sprinklers on for a 20-minute stint, we don't get much penetration into the ground, so we do it half at a time. On event days, we cut that back to one watering, but for the first concert we didn't. Now we've got the computer programmed and we think we're going to be high and dry."

Q: Why is the Parks Department allowed to water twice a day while the rest of us are being asked to conserve?

A: Because Green Valley Park is watered with treated effluent.

"There are no restrictions on the use of treated effluent," said Jeff Durbin, town water resource specialist.

Q: The June issue of Arizona Highways had an article by the Roundup's Myndi Brogdon about Sankey Rodeo Schools. I'd like to get ahold of them. Can you get me a phone number or website?

A: How about both? Sankey Rodeo Schools is based in Branson, Mo. For more information Sankey can be reached at (417) 334-2513, www. sankeyrodeo.com, or 3943 Sycamore Church Road, Branson, MO 65616.

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