You Saved Our Belief In Humanity



As evacuated homeowners of Forest Lakes, we are amazed with people of your community. Having never been in that situation before, we had no idea what was going to happen. The first night we met people from the Crossroads Church who not only prayed for us but offered to take (us into their home). That was just the beginning of the generosity shown us. From Phyllis, at the Payson table, Bobbette, who was every where, the chef of Cucina Paradiso, (Mayor) Ken Murphy, the boy scouts and all the Red Cross, we were well taken care of.

The security and Payson police were outstanding and a welcome guest as we slept in the parking lot in our 5th wheel. When the temperature went up and we moved to Payson campground, it was a surprise to find the comforts of home (2ply and quilted).

We will never forget the meals prepared by chef Gerardo Moceri of Cucina Paradiso. Thankfully he stopped cooking before we outgrew our clothes.

While the firefighters saved our homes, the people of Payson save our belief in humanity.

Thanks to you all those we named and all we forgot. If you ever need us, we will be there for you.

Leo and Donna Paletta, Forest Lakes

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