Kindness Of Strangers Helped Us Get Through



Laura and I wish to thank so many people for their great kindness and compassion at the loss of my mother, Laura's grandmother and Sagean's great-grandmother, Digger Joyce.

Karen, who was on my doorstep minutes after an almost hysterical call from me; dear sweet Heather, who has been a Godsend for both of us; Kathy, who never fails to call and is always there for us; and the kindness of strangers who have offered everything from food and a shoulder to cry on, to offers just to sit with us so we are not alone. Laura's good friend, Samantha, who has offered understanding and support and the staff at RVR who have offered what most people would not have. I, personally, wish to thank my co-workers for their loving messages and prayers and support.

We thank the Payson Police Department for their kindness and patience, the fire department, the paramedics, the 911 operator all those who are usually faceless and nameless but without them, who do we turn to? In my moment of terror and pain, the voice of that 911 operator was my lifeline.

It remains the kindness of virtual strangers that has enabled us to get through this first week and we thank you all, deeply and sincerely.

Cherry Marrone and Laura Smith

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