What Would Happen If We Behaved Ourselves?



Rumor has it the Ox Bow may reopen what an absolutely great thing to happen to Main Street. Now, I know 'bout all the "Ox Bow problems" and how some were glad 'bout it being closed down, but

What if Payson "supported" the Ox Bow? What if we went to the Ox Bow and ate, drank, danced and had a good time? What if we acted like we were at Fargo's, or the Rye Steakhouse, or at Famous Sam's and behaved ourselves? What a novel idea.

We need a "cowboy bar" in Payson, like the Palace in Prescott before they turned it into fine dining. The Ox Bow is the right look, in the right place, and now is the right time.

OK, so it is not us but the "rodeo crowd" that causes all the problems.

What if "off-duty" Payson Police were hired as security and wore the uniform and worked the door and sorta "hung out" during rodeo weeks? We did that during "Bike Week" in Daytona when I was on the Daytona PD, and with over 95 percent of the entire department on the street, it was really amazing how we kept the lid on.

We, Payson, have the ability to control our town, our streets, our drinking and eating establishments. But we sure won't by not getting involved, and not setting the tone by our own actions. When a particular "type" of crowd "takes over" a place, a park, it is through the inaction of us all.

If you were in in Fargo's when a patron became obnoxious, would you not complain to the management?

The Ox Bow can and should be the showplace of Payson, where dinners, events and just good times make you want to take people, and people want to go.

We, Payson, can do it if we want to.

John M. Angell, Sr., Payson

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