Wildlife Roam Free In Forest Communities



Since the Chediski Fire there have been a lot of animals coming down off the Rim.

Christopher Creek has always been known for its unique wildlife especially the elk. Bob and Rita Quay, who happen to live on Elk Run Road, said they have had some strange folks for dinner, but not quite as strange as these two big guys.

They seem to come around just about everyday. It doesn't matter what time; it can be as early as 4 p.m. They come right up to the door as if to ask for something to eat. Both of them are six pointers, but one of them has a weird looking rack. It is all crooked. Bob talks right to them and they stand there and listen. He will go up to them and say, "Come on big guy" and they will follow him right to the food and water.

I was within five feet of this big guy and he just stood there as if to say it's OK to take my picture because I am quite charming.

Even though we love our wildlife here in Christopher Creek. I cannot stress enough that they are wild animals and should be treated as such.

Never get too close for you never know what they might do. These big fellows look like they are always smiling at us and that is why Christopher Creek is noted for having some very charming animals.

The animals are not the only ones low on water because of the ongoing drought and decreasing water supply.

Christopher Creek Haven Water Company is now at Stage 3 in its Curtailment Plan. Last month, Well No. 55-526-712 went dry. Well No. 55-800-363 lost 55 percent of its production this month.

Well 355-800-362 is about to run dry. This leaves them with just one well that is working to supply water. Stage 3 exists when: Christopher Creek Water Company's total storage and well production has been less than 50 percent for at least 24 hours, and CCWC has identified issues such as a steadily declining water table and increased draw-down threatening pump operations creating reasonable belief the company will be unable to meet anticipated water demand on a sustained basis.

There are restrictions under Stage 3. Christopher Creek Water Company shall request the customers to voluntarily employ water conservation measures to reduce daily consumption by approximately 50 percent. All outside watering should be eliminated, except livestock, and indoor water conservation techniques should be employed wherever possible.

Stage 3 will be in effect until further notice. Any questions or concerns can be made to Jerry Lendzion at (602) 956-3646.

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