Alpine Ridge, Another Missed Opportunity?



There is a lot of discussion going on around Payson about the town giving the chamber $75,000 for advertising in the Phoenix newspapers and on their radio stations promoting Payson. Certainly the many businesses in town are suffering from a lack of sales and the town is suffering from a lack of sales-tax dollars. It's a tough subject. Is it too much (money) and too late? Should the request for funding have come on June 1?

The newspapers are promoting school clothes and supplies in ads right now. Family vacations are on the down swing. Only the retired folks might start to move, but Payson? Why Payson? When you come right down to it, what does the town really have to offer for the cost of a couple nights in the local motel? Presently, our claim for "cleanest air" is being challenged.

We could have had a major attraction, had our town fathers looked ahead 20 years ago.

Alpine Heights.

How sad!

That entire ridge was covered with Indian ruins. Over three lots alone, known as "The Risser Site," had over 50 different ancient rooms. It could have become a town attraction greater than the "Besh-Ba-Gowah" public display of ruins in Globe. The Alpine Ridge could have had nice walking trails with scenic vistas and on-site digging by visitors. Even a picnic area could have been made. A small museum there would be far better than the one being put together today on Main Street. Indeed this Alpine site had as much or more interest than the Shoofly Ruins outside Payson.

It is true that the Rim museum now owns the "Risser" site and is doing some excavating and are reinforcing the walls in the rooms of the only lot having ruins. The problem is, are the residents of (the subdivision) going to tolerate a lot of tourists coming into their neighborhood to look at the ruins?

Someone wasn't thinking ahead.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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