So Many Thanks From So Many People



From the residents of Forest Lakes, to the residents of Payson:

Throughout the crisis of the Rodeo/Chediski Fire and the evacuation of Forest Lakes the citizens of Payson were wonderful.

So many thanks to the citizen volunteers .. so many hours were put in for our care and aid.

So many thanks to the private citizens who took us into their homes.

So many thanks to the businesses who opened their stock rooms to feed and assist us.

So many thanks to the school district for housing and shelter.

So many thanks to every individual who offered their services of child care and entertainment.

So many thanks to the restaurants who supplied food and service.

So many thanks to the RV parks for making room for our rigs.

So many thanks to the police and security for assuring us safety.

So many thanks to everyone who helped in any small way to make our lives more comfortable through this crisis.

Our appreciation for the town of Payson and the goodness of the people of Payson will become a part of our "urban legend" in Forest Lakes. You came through for us.

Jan Walls, Forest Lakes

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