Solar-Powered Chain Saws For Everyone



Arizona State Rep. Jeff Flake was asked in the July 1 issue of Human Events (a national conservative weekly newspaper) whether he thought Congress should overturn the 2001 Clinton approval of the "Roadless Area Conservation Rule" which restricted the building of roads on 58.5 million acres of national forest land.

Flake responded that we should not only overturn the Clinton ban on building fire roads through the forests, but must also stop the frivolous environmental lawsuits which keep us from maintaining the forests.

He went on to quote the East Valley Tribune where someone from Forest Guardians was reported as saying that environmentalists weren't opposed to forest thinning as long as it is not done commercially, and as long as it is done with solar-powered chain saws.

Maybe the people who burned out in Heber and Overgaard would like to donate their time to thinning the forests using solar-powered chain saws and don't even think of selling any of the wood to locals for firewood. Whoever heard of getting paid for hard work?

Carol Suhr, Pine

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