This Should Be Criminal!


To the Red Cross:

My family and I were evacuated during the fire here in White Mountains. Upon returning we immediately witnessed; the local dregs on society (many people twice!) and groups of illegal aliens from Mexico and just about all of the people up here that exist on government assistance and welfare at the Red Cross facility in our old Safeway in the heart of town.

Since I am an honest man, I did not go for hand-outs until I needed the hand-up. I used all of our savings and then discovered that no one was hiring for the work I do. (I am a carpenter).

My job before the fire never resumed and I do not believe the contractor nor the DES should give me funds to cover my loss.

I am not demanding funds from the Red Cross, but I must comment on the lousy and unorganized job you people did here. There are many other honest people with families such as myself who are now completely broke and without means. If and when work resumes next week, I personally will not be able to cover my bills and rent at the same time. Since I have no funds (as they were given to the illegals and other federal assistant dregs) I have no gas money.

Thanks for nothing and next time... since you can't do this right, stay home.

Lewis Mealer, Lakeside

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