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Q: What's up with the 25 mph speed limit on Tyler Parkway? I've driven it in both directions and you practically have to ride your brakes to keep it at 25. If you go down an incline, you're already going 30 or 35. It's an open, clear road with no passing, so what's the possibility of raising the speed limit?

A: Not so good, according to LaRon Garrett, public works engineer for the town.

"Twice in the last three years, the council has been approached about raising the speed limit on Tyler Parkway and each time there was overwhelming public sentiment from the property owners out there who are opposed to it," Garrett said. "The council has always in the past decided they would leave it at 25 because of that."

There are no current plans to re-introduce the issue.

Q: With people being asked to conserve water, why do the town's parks have those automatic faucets that can't be turned off?

A: The faucets you refer to turn off automatically after a few seconds. Bill Schwind, town parks director, said they are really the least wasteful in unattended situations like park restrooms.

Believe it or not, people don't always turn off faucets when they're done using them, and vandals can waste a lot of water by leaving faucets open and walking away.

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