Krim Will Return To Airwaves


KRIM FM will be back on the air in about a week, broadcasting from a new location.

The Rim country's newest radio station was yanked off the air at 12:45 a.m. Monday morning by Michael J. Day, the station's engineer, for alleged violations of Federal Communications Commission regulations regarding the operation of low-powered FM stations. Day said FCC guidelines left him no choice but to pull the plug on the station within three hours of discovering the violations.

John Winston of the FCC's media division said Day had no right to shut down the station.

"That's all bull," Winston said. "We would not have forced (station owner Steve Bingham) to shut down. This is an employee problem which the FCC has nothing to do with."

Winston said the FCC has not talked to Day or Bingham about the allegations.

"The process by which you do this is not to pull the plug," he said. "You call the FCC and say, 'I have a problem I'm operating at this, this, this and this. What should I do?' We will guide and direct them. We don't try to put them off the air."

Bingham agrees.

"It's a process," he said. "They don't unplug you in the middle of the night with black coats and things like that."

Bingham, who leased equipment from Day, has ordered new equipment. Day will no longer be affiliated with KRIM 96.3, and Bingham is considering legal action.

"He waited to do this until I went on vacation," Bingham said. "Mike Day is history. If I don't sue him, he's lucky. If I do sue him, I'll win."

KRIM's new studio will be located at Payson Campground, 808 E. Highway 260.

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