Residents Need To Be Bear Aware



The bears are showing up everywhere. There is a very large black one that has taken over the transfer station for his territory.

Transfer station worker Keith Tharp says the bear is one determined animal. The other day when Tharp showed up for work in the morning, he got a big surprise.

As he pulled into the transfer station, this large bear was at the dumpster determined not to leave. When the bear saw Keith, he pushed on the dumpster as if to try and scare him.

Then Keith decided to try and scare the bear. So, he revved up his engine and went forward a little to try and run this big guy off.

The bear just continued to push on the dumpster to try and scare Keith.

After a while, Keith blew the horn several times and I guess that was enough for the bear.

Keith said he had been hauling bags into the forest and there was garbage everywhere. He was wondering if there was a whole family of bears out there having one big party.

The bear keeps coming back for more, and making more of a mess every time.

I am just glad he is behind the Forest Service fence because the highway out front is my adopt-a-mile, and at the rate this bear is going, I would be picking up garbage till next year.

This is not the only bear around. The other day, Mary Bryan saw one at Bob and Rita's front window a little cub standing up and peeking inside. Rita was baking a cake and I guess it smelled pretty good to this little fellow.

Even though these little animals are cute to look at, they are very dangerous. Do not get close and do not leave garbage outside. Make sure your dumpster lid is tightly closed.

Vacation Bible School

Don't forget next week is Vacation Bible School from 9 a.m. to noon, July 22 through July 26 at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church in Christopher Creek.

This year's theme is "Faith Mountain, an extreme adventure with Jesus."

There will be fun, games, snacks, Bible lessons and crafts.

If you have little ones, this is the place to be. They will have fun and mom will get a break.

For more information, call 478-4122 or 478-4337.

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