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Q: What do you do with a stray cat when the Payson Humane Society says they won't take it and that you should take it out in the forest?

A: "I don't believe anybody said that from here," Diane Fitzpatrick, Payson Humane Society manager, said. "Maybe if the person who called said the cat was wild."

The humane society often has to ask people to wait a week or two until they have room for more cats.

"We're only allowed to have 70 cats at a time and we're usually over that number," Fitzpatrick said. "People call and say a stray has been around there for three or four months. What's a couple more weeks if it means the cat doesn't have to be put down?"

Q: When I drive through the area where the Dude Fire burned, I see many burned trees still standing. I assume that will be true for the Rodeo-Chediski fire as well. Shouldn't those trees be cut down? Isn't there some use for this timber even though it's damaged?

A: During the Dude Fire, a lot of burned trees were salvaged.

"We had fuel wood sales and salvage wood sales," Gary Roberts, fire prevention officer for the Payson Ranger District, said. "But we also had to leave some out there for the wildlife."

Another issue is accessibility.

"A lot of those trees are in difficult areas that make it cost prohibitive to salvage the wood," Roberts said.

Yet another issue is size. There is simply no market for small diameter trees.

Teams are already assessing the trees damaged in the Rodeo-Chediski Fire and salvageable ones will be taken to a timber mill.

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