Elliott Must Not Profit From Fire



I was extremely disappointed by Paul Charlton's decision not to prosecute Valinda Jo Elliott for starting the Chediski Fire. I agree that there was no criminal intent in her actions, but adults must be responsible for their actions nevertheless.

I am disappointed that she has not apologized for all the pain she has injected into innocent people's lives. Now she has jetted off to New York to appear on TV. An article in Saturday's Republic asked what was next for her a book, or perhaps a movie deal?

Several years back a law was passed preventing mass murderers and other criminal sorts from profiting from their crimes, via book deals, etc. The lawmakers felt it wasn't fair for some creep to kill a family then become rich by writing about it. This is the reason I wish for Elliot to be convicted, so if she does make millions via these avenues, the money must be given to the victims. How unfair for them to lose so much, be unable to get insurance due to her and she profits from it!

Another reason is to prevent this from occurring in the future. Picture the identical scenario a few years down the road another drought, the forests are bone dry and closed, warnings are issued daily, another person becomes lost, staggers around for days, sees a helicopter and thinks, "Hey! I'll start a little signal fire on this bush. If it gets loose and burns down half the state, so what? I don't have criminal intent, so they can't do anything to me."

Leon Chamberlain, Payson

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