Highway Litter Is Out Of Control



What do we have to do to keep people from trashing our highways?

Some portions of Highway 260 between Payson and Forest Lakes is heavily littered with beer cans and plastic bags and every kind of disposal refuse that comes with fast food to go. People stop at the fast food places in Payson and then head for the Rim while tossing their trash to go out the window.

I didn't see any Adopt-a-highway signs along that stretch of highway. I would like to know why. Aren't there enough volunteers who care enough about our Rim country to clean it up? We don't expect people from the Valley to help; they leave us their trash and go home.

Here is a possible solution: Apply a surtax on all food to go. That tax will be used to fund a highway cleanup detail that will operate under ADOT. This will get right at the source of the problem. Obviously, this will never happen but I believe the situation is getting so out of control that something has to be done. There has to be some accountability, it's only going to get worse.

Some ambitious politician could be a hero and champion an effort to find a solution. Certainly, it couldn't be an insurmountable task. Just do it, no excuses.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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