Wanted: Outside Management Of Event Center


Town officials want the event center managed by either a private or non-profit entity.

Farming out the management is part of the town's corporate strategic plan. At its July 11 meeting, the council approved soliciting requests for proposals to take over the facility.

Councilor Dick Wolfe asked why the dates for the May and August rodeos were not specifically set aside in the RFP package. He was told by Town Manager Kelly Udall that when the lease was negotiated, those dates would be set aside for the rodeos.

The proposals must be for a long-term lease to develop, design, construct, maintain, manage and operate commercial and-or recreational facilities on the 36-acre site. In fact, the applicants must provide a specific land use plan.

The developer awarded the lease will be responsible for all related infrastructure improvements, including the installation of accesses; the procurement of water and sewer capability and source; and necessary utility lines to the property.

The town wants a 35-year lease, and is also offering two, 10-year extensions.

The award decision will be weighted heavily on just two criteria: the capital improvements planned and the economic development benefits to the town.

The capital improvements will carry 30 percent of the scoring, including their nature and extent, construction, uniqueness and innovation in the design of the facilities and amenities and the aesthetic value of the improvements.

Economic development benefits to the town will count for 20 percent of the scoring.

The town also wants applicants to show an estimate of the gross receipts, plus the most recent and actual year's grosses at their most recently constructed facility.

The requests are being sought now. For more information call 474-5242 and speak to either William Schwind, ext. 249; Kelly Udall, ext. 242 or 262; or LaRon Garrett, ext. 283.

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