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Q: Why can't some of the water from Fossil Springs be harnessed to be used in Strawberry and Pine?

A: For several reasons, according to Buzz Walker, public works director for the Town of Payson.

"The biggest reason is practicality Fossil Springs' distance from Pine and the fact that it's below Pine in elevation," Walker said. "They'd have to spend a lot of money to pump that water to Pine."

Then there's the fact that Salt River Project owns the rights to that water and U.S. Forest Service land would have to be traversed.

"Good luck getting a permit to use that land for a pump station or a pipeline," Walker said. "I can't even go out there and drill a hole the size of a pie plate because of environmental concerns. There's a lack of federal money for grants right now, so you have to ask, 'Do they have the assessed valuation in Pine to retire that kind of debt?' I doubt it."

Q: Is there any way we can get a bicycle lane along where the golf course is on Country Club Drive to Vista? There's no room to ride a bike there. Such a lane would also allow us to walk safely to and from the golf course over to the lakes. It should have been done when they re-paved it. I noticed that they have sidewalks on that brand new strip of street above those condos going up into the mountains.

A: We took your questions to LaRon Garrett, public works engineer for the Town of Payson, who said it's a matter of money, or, more accurately, the lack of money.

"(Country Club Drive) was strictly a re-paving job, and there was no money available to go in there and widen it to put bike lanes in," Garrett said. "It was a funding issue. The reason curb and gutter and sidewalks were installed along that road going up above the condos is that it was paid for with private money."

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