Business Releases Power Of Mind, Body


"What lies behind us and what lies before us," said Oliver Wendell Holmes, "are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

What lies within Jeanette O'Donnal is the desire to help business owners, groups and individuals discover the sizable matter Holmes was talking about and to show them how it can bring improved health, serenity and personal empowerment into their lives.

Hence, O'Donnal's brand-new Payson business, Mind & Body Works, which she describes as a "creative wellness center" with a single objective: "To produce quality results that wisely overcome personal challenges and create vitality for life."

To that end, Mind & Body Works offers consultations, yoga and meditation classes, motivational seminars, stress-reduction and mind-power training programs you name it, if it brings you closer to "what lies within," O'Donnal offers it.

And all of it is geared toward allowing participants to attain personal excellence and all they wish to achieve by recognizing "that all of life's answers are within you and can be accessed."

It is O'Donnal's belief that, every seven days, it is important for everyone to get a "booster shot" in a support-group type of setting, "so you can begin to feel love, acceptance, non-judgment, the wisdom of those around you, and your own wisdom."

Just such a booster shot is offered every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. in a class titled "The Christ Walk."

"None of this involves learning," O'Donnal stresses. "It's about remembering. It's cleaning your closet of old ideas that aren't useful to you anymore, and to know that nothing you have done or that has happened to you has been a mistake ... It's just a stepping stone to the next moment, and the next moment is entirely up to you to create. If you just stop judging yourself about everything, you can start a brand new life every day!"

To discover just how motivated O'Donnal is herself, just scan her resume.

A bilingual certified clinical hypnotherapist, public speaker, mother of seven, Sunday school teacher, hair dresser and volunteer, her background encompasses holistic philosophy, youth counseling, community outreach programs, women's councils, business councils, child abuse councils.

In 1988, O'Donnal co-developed and implemented symptom reduction and rehabilitation programs for Hispanic victims of mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse at the Arizona Motivational Center in Mesa where she also worked on programs for substance abusers, suicidal patients, pregnant teenagers and gang participants.

In 1992, she was appointed by Nevada Governor Bob Miller as a member of the Interim Commission to study issues facing the Hispanic community at a time when O'Donnal also was serving as vice-president of that state's Hispanic Business Council.

A life schedule like that might push most folks to the brink. But O'Donnal lived through it with the qualities she now helps others discover within themselves.

"When I first came to Payson three-and-a-half years ago, starting this business is what I wanted to do," she said. "I knew the door would open when the time was right, and that's just what happened. Now I'm a part of the community, not a stranger. I'm opening the door to people that I know.

"And I've seen changes already in organizations that have used this center; I've seen them become more empowered with their own abilities simply because they now have the right place and atmosphere to explore that freedom. I wanted to create a home for people.

"It doesn't matter if you are metaphysical or not. This is about life," she said.

Mind & Body Works is at 107 W. Wade Lane, Suite 1, in Payson. The office is open by appointment only.

For more information, call 468-7700 or (602) 432-6150, or send e-mail to

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