Dude Survivor Party A Blast



As always, Bob and Sam Conklin held the 13th Annual Dude Fire Survivor Party at their house this year.

The most welcomed guest was the rain. It seemed like fall and it didn't seem like anyone was unhappy about it. As a matter of fact, many of us were just standing outside and letting it fall on us. It was a nice steady rain and very much appreciated.

Around 50 people got together for a nice evening of delicious bratwurst, cooked by Master Chef Bob, along with some great potluck dishes.

The hit of the party was Marlene Hagen's macadamia nut pie. Marlene and Jim arrived early and the few of us who were there decided that we better put a piece of that delicious pie away for later. So you could see these little dishes with pie hidden around the kitchen.

Karen Thorton showed up and was walking around with a cast on her foot. It was good to see her. She has now retired after 30 years of teaching in the Valley and is up here permanently. She is loving every minute of it, just like the rest of us who live here full-time.

Patty and Larry Boesling looked much more relaxed since the Rodeo-Chediski Fire is over and the firemen saved the OW Ranch. They are trying to get back to normal.

As you walked on Sam's deck, her patio table and chairs were reserved for Floyd and Lois Wilson, who have been coming to this party for 13 years now, and with any luck will be coming for another 13 years.

One of Sam's Penn State Chairs had a sign on it that read "Keep off if you are an ASU fan". Kind of a joke between Bob and Sam. Sam told everyone don't let the dog out, if she was out she would get all muddy, eat bratwurst and throw up.

Dan Christian said, "Don't worry Sam, we will play in the mud, eat bratwurst and throw up for her."

All in all it was a great party as usual. Maybe next year someone will host a Rodeo-Chediski Survivor Party.

We have been getting rain every afternoon, but there are still some restrictions on fires. If you have any questions you can call the fire department at 478-4011.

Don't forget the Firebelles still have tickets left for the raffle on Labor Day. They are $1 a piece or six for $5. You can get them at the fire hall.

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