Finding Color Preference Key To Fishing Success



Color can be very important when you are selecting a lure to use. This point has really caught my attention while fishing at Roosevelt over the last couple of weeks. Bass have been extremely finicky when it comes to color lately.

Most of the fishing I've done recently has been in the evenings when monsoon storms have whipped up the waves and darkened the skies. With almost exactly the same weather conditions on three different trips, I've noticed a specific preference for a certain color lure by the fish. The strange thing is that the color has been completely different all three times. That can make things confusing when trying to select a color to fit certain conditions. But, what seems to work best for me is to start each angler in the boat with a different color and watch for the results to suggest the color preference of the fish. When a pattern develops, you can adjust to the right color to improve the catch rate of the whole boat.

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Lake reports

Apache: Fishing s good. Westy Worms and 7" Power worms have been producing fish on points and steep banks. Many anglers are also having success with jigs during the daytime.

Bartlett: Fishing is good. Westy worms and Yamamoto jigs are catching fish on points. There has also been some early morning topwater and crankbait action. Fish in the 1-1/2 pound range seem to be the most active.

Canyon: fishing is fair. Jigs and worms have been working for bass along steep walls. Some anglers have also had success with crankbaits in the morning hours.

Pleasant: Fishing is fair. anglers have still had the best luck with 10" Power worms and Westy Worms at night for bass. There has also been some topwater action for stripers and white bass. Anglers have been throwing Ricos and small jerkbaits like the Pointer 78 and the TD Minnow.

Roosevelt: Fishing is good. Westy Worms and Power worms are producing bass in 10-25 feet. Crankbaits and topwaters have also been good at times. Crappie fishing is excellent. Look for open water schools in 10-20 feet.

Saguaro: Fishing is good. yellow bass have been providing lots of action. Try fishing small spoons and tailspinners. Westy Worms and Power worms have been working for bass on bluffs and points.

Cliff's Tip of the Week

This week's tip is from Bob who fishes at Roosevelt frequently. Bob recommends that boaters who are on the ramp unloading boats be ready to launch when their turn arrives. With limited launching access, lines can be long waiting at the boat ramp so have your straps untied and your boat ready to go.

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