Fire-Starter Should Have To Pay



Regarding the decision not to charge the woman who started the Rodeo-Chediski Fire, I believe there are always consequences we should have to pay for making poor decisions. We try to teach our children this when they are young.

She made a very poor decision based on her fear of being lost and needing help. However the fact remains, she went against the law and was somewhere she had no business being and therefore started a fire, again which was against the law.

I feel like she acted and didn't think reasonably and should have to pay some consequence, even if it's years of community service. She should be responsible for her actions and feel remorse for this to all those she involved and to the many homeowners who lost homes and businesses, and perhaps all they had. I feel very badly for everyone. I think the U.S. Attorney should have not been so lenient on this matter. What does it tell others?

Johanna Bolt, Payson

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