Ignorance Is No Excuse For Starting Fire



In regards to "Chediski fire-starter won't be charged," I believe it is a travesty and miscarriage of justice.

The fact that she had to break the law for a "necessity defense" is a sad tribute to the fact she was partially responsible for a cost of a $43 million fire fight which caused the evacuation of about 30 thousand people, consumed 470 thousand acres and destroyed 423 homes.

I understand that being lost in the wilderness brings a form of panic, but she could have built a fire in a clear area and used material that would have smoked more and burned less. If she had no knowledge of how to build a safer fire, maybe she shouldn't have been in the wilderness at all. But because she did make a fire that got out of control, she is responsible for her actions.

It was well known for a long time that we were suffering from a drought and a serious lack of moisture, and in extreme fire danger. Ignorance is no excuse for doing something so horrific to the people who lost their homes and businesses.

At the very least she should have to do community service in the area that was devastated by the fire.

Ira Gibel, Pine

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