Shouldn't Humane Society Always Accept Animals?



This is in response to the "What's Up" question in the Friday July 19 issue. The question asked was "What do you do with a stray cat when the Payson Humane Society says they won't take it and that you should take it out in the forest?"

Isn't the Humane Society's door always supposed to be open to lost and stray animals? The Payson Humane Society is the only facility in northern Gila County. Where else are you to take a lost or stray animal so it can find its owner or a new home? The Payson Humane Society contracts with both the town of Payson and Gila County which makes it a humane society/pound for this area.

How humane is it to dump animals into the forest? Not very. Why would a wild cat deserve to be dumped in the forest over any other animal? They don't. The cat probably became wild in the first place because someone dumped or abandoned it. It would rather see an animal put to death humanely than to be put in the forest to try and survive, but will most likely suffer a tragic death.

Dave and Cindy Bradford, Payson

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