Superintendent's Message To Parents


If PUSD Superintendent Herb Weissenfels could tell parents just one thing it would be to stay involved in their children's education and in their lives.

"I've said this for 100 years parents need to continue to be parents," he said. "Parents need to accept responsibility to make sure their kids get to school, to make sure they're clothed and fed properly so they are comfortable going to school, and to make sure they support the requirements expected of students like homework and good behavior."

Follow-up is also important.

"Parents need to keep in touch with teachers from the first day of kindergarten right up to the last day of high school. Talk to their teachers, meet with them, help them understand your child better."

Weissenfels, a former math teacher, believes that parental involvement is a critical and too often missing part of the education equation.

"If you do your part and we do our part if we work together your child is going to succeed."

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