Villagers Get Back To Normal Life



The good news this week is that my husband and his buddy, Rick Meeker, were drawn for elk for this season. My husband had never been drawn for elk before, so he really was a happy man. Now, we are hoping for a lot of luck in bringing down that elk. There have been so many of them in Tonto Village, but as soon as the season starts, not a one will be found. Isn't that Murphy's law?

Life returns to normal

Tonto Village seemed to come alive this past week with the forest open. There were quads everywhere, not alone, so of course with the quads came people, and campers and the noise level rose considerably.

Now it seems like summer again. Many of our part-time residents also were here to check out their cabins and make acquaintances with their neighbors and clean up their lots.

Haulot of company

One family really had a house full of company.

John and Flo Haulot had a family reunion with 44 family members showing up to catch up on family news. Flo's brother, Silber Mixer came with his sons, Russell, Robie and Joel with their wives and children, all the way from Camp Point, Ill.

Also on hand were Flo's son, Donny Moore, and his wife, Cheryl, their son, Leroy and wife, Shirette and their children came from Phoenix, and Flo's daughter and son-in-law, James and Dori Burger, with their three sons. Flo's daughter, Yvonne Brown, with her husband, Gil, and their children and grandchildren came from Peoria. Flo's other daughter Cindy Duffy, her husband Chris and their three boys came from Gilbert.

And Flo's granddaughter, Cheryl Gruver, and great-grandson, Mitchell Preston, came up from Chandler.

They had a picnic at Rumsey Park and then took over the back room of the New China Buffet Saturday. All together there were seven grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren in attendance. The youngest great-grandchild was Solomon, Robie and Tia Mixer's son, and Silber's grandson. He is only 6 months old. Everyone had a grand time even if it did rain on their picnic Friday night.

Tonto Village Fire District News

Chief J.R. Alliger announced that all fire restrictions have been lifted. He said if you are going to do any burning, please notify the Fire Station in advance, so that information can be relayed to the Diamond Point Lookout station. Call him at the fire station , 478-4875, or at his home, 478-0404.

He also wants to thank everyone for their cooperation and help during our very bad fire season, especially to the volunteers who manned the checkpoint. He wants everyone to know that he will be taking Wednesdays and Sundays off. The assistant fire chief will be filling in.

Let's continue that volunteer spirit by giving a helping hand to the auxiliary's Labor Day fund-raiser Aug. 31. If we do not have enough helpers, the fund-raiser will have to be canceled.

Call Phyllis Mullen at 478-4842, myself at 478-4606 or Diane Ham at 478-4044 if you would like to give a "helping hand" to a good cause.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Tom Dunny, who is the manger of Camp Tontozona, was pleasantly surprised with a birthday party given by his family at the Double D Restaurant Friday night, even though his birthday was really the next day, the 20th. His birthday cake had so many candles (59) the fire extinguisher was at the ready for excessive flames. Happy Birthday, Tom. We all wish you many more!

I forgot to mention Donna Davis' birthday was July 14. Donna will be a new Tonto Villager in a few months, she will be leaving Christopher Creek. She also is an occasional domino player. We wish her many more great birthdays. Sorry I missed it, Donna.

Pool Shots

Sunday, July 21, the mixed eight-ball tournament, Dennis McCreary, Ethel Cain and Harvey Poyner were the big winners. Linda Stailey, Ingrid Monk and Kara Shaw were the big winners on Tuesday, July 23, at the ladies nine ball tournament . The winners for July 16 did not get into the column last week, They were Bo Mathews, Phyllis Mullen and Linda Stailey. Great shooting everybody.

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