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Q: I am fortunate enough to have a Rodeo-Chediski Fire T-shirt and I'm appalled that Jim Paxon's name is not on it along with the others. I consider him a true American hero. Where can I write to him to see if he'll autograph my shirt?

A: Your request produced a chuckle from Jim Payne, public affairs officer for the Tonto National Forest. Paxon's celebrity status continues to amaze Payne and other Forest Service officials.

"When the president has spokespersons stand up in front of a podium in Washington, D.C., they never want those guys' autographs," he mused.

"Jim is currently on a fire in California and is out of pocket," he said, but you can write to him at his home base address:

Jim Paxon

c/o Black Range Ranger District

P.O. Box 431

1804 Date Street

Truth or Consequences, NM 87901

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