Scout And Friends Pitch In At Park


Matthew Gartner saw a problem in his neighborhood and figured out a way to fix it.

Gartner, 17, the son of Nancy and Gordon Gartner, pulled together a group of young men, a few young women, his parents and other adults to clean up the algae in the lakes at Green Valley Park.

Gartner hopes to earn his Eagle Scout award with the project.

With canoes and rakes, and sometimes bare hands, the algae was pulled from the water onto the shore for disposal.

The young man and his helpers used three canoes in the two smaller lakes at Green Valley Park. The canoes were put into the water and guided to push the algae close enough to the shore to be raked up to the bank.

Adults, including Gartner's father, the chief of police, and the town engineer, LaRon Garrett, held the guide lines on the lake banks, while the youngsters in the canoes pushed the algae to shore.

On shore, others used rakes, and in the case of Gartner's mother, Nancy, their hands, to pull the algae out of the water.

Gartner recruited almost two dozen people for the project, but the crew was not big enough to tackle the algae in the big lake at Green Valley Park.

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