Slow Down! School Is Back In Session


This week, Payson schools are back in session, and police will be patrolling the streets to make sure students are safe from speedy drivers.

This summer the Payson Police Department won a $6,000 grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. The grant is being used for an intense traffic enforcement program.

In the weeks since the grant was awarded, the PPD focused its extra efforts on neighborhood speed enforcement along with red light and stop sign violations.

The focus will now turn to Payson's school zones.

With students returning to class this week, drivers need to be more alert on the roads around Payson's elementary, middle and high schools.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety grant project began in June and was to continue for five to six weeks. The money is paying for the officers' salaries and expenses for time devoted to the program in excess of their regular hours.

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