What's Up?


Q: How long is the Payson Community Kids school drive going to run, and what do they need most?

A: Through August, according to Marcy Rogers, town housing and redevelopment coordinator who heads the Payson Community Kids program.

"We have received 16 calls already from people we don't even know with names of kids who need some help," Rogers said.

The group, made up of about 50 children with special needs and sponsored by the town's Community Development Department, conducts the drive each year to help children who need school supplies or clothing to start the school year.

While all types school supplies and new or used clothing are needed, Rogers had a couple of specific requests.

"Since it's going to stay warm for awhile, people can pick up some shorts on sale," she said. "But we can always use pants, shirts, socks and T-shirts. Art supplies and back packs are also items we need lots of."

Collection boxes are located at town hall, the community development office, fire departments, parks, the library and the Payson Roundup. For more information, Rogers can be reached at 474-5242, ext. 2269.

Q: Has any written notice been sent out to Payson residents about the water situation and the restrictions that are in place?

A: Public Works Director Buzz Walker says you're the first person to raise the issue, but the August water bills will contain a message informing residents of the restrictions.

"There's not much room on the bills, but we will reference the restrictions and the fact that details are available at the water department," Walker said.

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