America's Biggest Killer Is Abortion



The Roundup editorial of May 28 is true: "America's biggest killer isn't terrorism."

Nor is it any of the wars we have fought, all put together. And, as "disgraceful" as it may be, it is not the 18,000 uninsured Americans who die each year because of lack of health care.

America's biggest killer by far is abortion 4,400 surgical deaths every day, untold chemical abortions, and an estimated grand total of 1.5 million pre-born American children killed every year. Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision (not a law) permitting abortion and overturning all state laws banning abortion, America has the proud record of having killed over 40 million of its own precious children. A record the most depraved terrorist would be proud of.

Can we really expect God to bless and protect America when we won't bless and protect the little children He sends us?

Carol Suhr, Pine

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