What Will It Take To Get Better Street Lighting?



I live on Sherwood Drive in the Woodhill subdivision, where, in the week of May 19 to 25, a port-a-potty was burned to the ground by some type of aerosol can. Another can was burned in the street the same week leaving a terrible scar on the asphalt. Then, on the 23rd of May, my American flag was stolen and burned in the street.

In addition to this, every port-a-potty in Woodhill, and there are many, are turned over nightly.

I know where some kids are at midnight on school nights, they are out burning and destroying other peoples' property. What I don't know is where are their parents? Our enemies are not in the Middle East, they are right here in our homeland.

I spent five years in the U.S. Navy in the Korean War to protect my country, my flag, my family, and our American way of life. Now, at 70 years of age, I find I must sit up at night with a shotgun to protect my home.

There is a street light about 1000 yards up Sherwood on the corner of West Forest Drive and Monarch Drive with its bulb burned out. The next one is over one-fourth mile down Sherwood on the corner of Blue Ridge. The developers do not mind asking $100,000 and more for these lots, but they are too cheap to put in street lights. Maybe when a home is burned and these lots are reduced to blackened tree stumps that no one will buy, maybe then they will close the barn door, but the horse will be gone.

God bless America, she needs all the help she can get.

Miles M. Comstock, Payson

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