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Q: Why do certain churches and banks in town run their sprinkler systems during hottest part of the day, while people who have small vegetable and flower gardens are admonished for using the water? And why, at a time when water is scarce, are there so many fund-raising car washes going on?

A: There's no law against watering during the day," said Public Works Director Buzz Walker, "but it's part of our audit program. When people are watering during those hours, we'll give them a call or stop by."

If and when the town gets to water emergency level 3, then there will be daytime restrictions. They could also be on private wells, but Water Resource Specialist Jeff Durbin asks the public to call and report such incidents.

Durbin said the car wash issue is similar.

"These people who do the benefit car washes don't get approval from us," Durbin said. "As of right now, we are not restricting car washes, but we are thinking about doing it. In the meantime, we recommend that they be better managed, with maybe end sprayers on the ends of the hoses or use water buckets."

Q: What is the purpose of the painted footprints across Houston Mesa Road just before the entrance to Mesa del Caballo? It looks like they go from the canyon (across the road) and then up the hill.

A: Those footprints belong to Bigfoot, or the Payson equivalent the Mogollon Monster. Seriously, unless someone comes forward and confesses, that's a darned near impossible question to answer.

They were apparently painted in the dead of night, and have gone from white; to red, white and blue (following Sept. 11); to multi-colored.

Don Ennen, president of the Mesa del Caballo Community Center and a man who usually knows everything going on in and around Mesa del, has heard nothing about who the perpetrator is.

"I think it represents Bigfoot coming out of the canyon and going for higher ground," Ennen said. "It's kind of fun and a neat attention getter, so I have no objection to it."

As elaborate as the job is, Ennen is amazed nobody has seen anything.

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